Church Partnership

church partnership

Liberia Now can partner with your church or small group in a variety of ways. Our desire is to help you achieve your goals for world missions by providing the resources and infrastructure necessary to make a sustainable impact in an impoverished community. Liberia Now desires to work as your partner to make a successful impact.

  • Adopt A Village
  • Sponsor A Project
  • Take A Short-Term Trip
  • Pastoral Training & Mentorship
  • Become A Ministry Partner
  • Speak Out / Engage Your Community


If you would like to receive more information about how you can partner with us in  any of these ways click here

Adopt A Village – 

If your church or small group is interested in making a long-term commitment to sustainable transformation in an extremely impoverished community, we can partner with you. By using our holistic approach to identify a community in need, your church can utilize our established ministry model to make an eternal impact. Adopting a village is perhaps the most rewarding way for a church or small-group to serve the less fortunate and share God’s love with those in need.


Sponsor A Project –

Your church or small group can sponsor a project within any of our core categories of projects. Whether your desire is to build a water well, train and mentor pastors, sponsor students, or to provide micro-loans we will work closely with you to carry out your goal.


Take A Short-Term Trip –

We love to take short term missions teams to Liberia to serve those in need. We have found that the lives of both the Liberians and the mission team members are profoundly impacted by these trips. Some of our recent mission outreaches have focused on the following activities:

  • Evangelistic meetings
  • Pastoral training
  • Student outreach
  • Teacher training
  • Construction
  • Business training & development
  • Healthcare

To find out more information about our short-term trips and to see the scheduled trips for the next 12 months, click here.


Pastoral Training & Mentorship –

A key component to our holistic approach is spiritual renewal within impoverished Liberian communities. Many pastors currently serving in Liberia have a passion for God and for serving the church body. However, they often lack the resources, skills, and knowledge necessary to successfully lead a local church. We partner with your pastoral team to set up training programs for Liberian pastors. Whether your expertise is youth ministry, worship, or church administration, we can use your gifts.


Become A Ministry Partner –

You can become a ministry partner and support Liberia Now on a regular basis. Through monthly donations, fundraising activities, and prayer support you can partner with Liberia Now to make a sustainable difference. Contact us today to learn more about this wonderful opportunity.


Speak Out / Engage Your Community –

You can help us spread the word about Liberia Now by helping to raise awareness about the enormous need in Liberia. You can become an agent of sustainable transformation. To find out more about how you can use your church’s or small group’s voice to transform a Liberian community click here.


Benefits To Your Organization

We believe that partnering with churches and small groups is a highly effective resource in achieving transformational change within an extremely impoverished community. By working together in a strategic way the benefits to both sides are enormous:

  • Efficient use of financial resources
  • Time-saving solutions
  • Maximum eternal impact and return on investment
  • Customized involvement
  • Life changing experiences for partners and team members
  • Lifelong relationships
  • Create a culture within your church that demonstrates Christ’s heart for the world