Emmanuel Gyamfi Profile Part III: Liberia Now


Pastor-Gyamfi.png.opt311x311o0,0s311x311Introduce to us, your family.

Pastor Gyamfi: Ruth K. Gyamfi is my amazing and beautiful wife. She works at BIVAC a French company that is involved with container inspection of import and export in and out of Liberia. She is the manager for that section.

Roseline G. Sombai is my lovely daughter. She is the oldest and she studied nursing in college. Rose is a RN who works at the New Community Clinic, which we built for the Virginia community.

Rufus Yaw Gyamfi is my wonderful son. He is the youngest and is currently studying accounting and economics at the University of Liberia. He did graduate with a diploma in Computer Science at the International Institute of Computer Science and Manpower Development. But, he still seeks further education in the Information Technology section.

How is Liberia Now currently making a difference in the Lower Virginia community of 50,000 people?

Pastor Gyamfi: Liberia Now is making a big difference in Virginia by bringing hope for the future in so many ways. In the area of education, parents that did not have money to send their kids to school now are able to give their children a quality education. So many families are now benefiting because Liberia Now is helping to pay the tuition fees for those parents and children who wanted to learn but had no way to because it was beyond their reach.

In the area of infrastructure, Liberia Now has been able to construct and rehabilitate close to twenty water wells in various communities and now thousands upon thousands of residents have clean drinking water. In the economic area, Liberia Now has helped many people improve their lives through the micro-loan program. These micro-loans have helped many businesses to begin and some to even expand.

Gyamfi-family2Pictured above is the Gyamfi family in front of a
new medical clinic which is being built by their ministry.

In the area of health, the pharmacy that was established has served thousands of people by making affordable drugs available to them. In the area of spiritual renewal, the Liberia Now Pastors conference is making a major impact in the lives of pastors and wives. It is helping these spiritual leaders to understand their mission, their relationships with their families and to build strategies for the growth of these Liberian ministries. Liberia Now has been  such a blessing to so many people.


stats-for-webWhat are the two main challenges your community faces and what do you hope to accomplish through Liberia Now in the near future?

Everything we do is based on the spiritual foundation, which Liberia Now is bringing to our community. But the two main challenges we face are an economic crisis and lack of proper infrastructure in our community. Even with the current micro-loan program, many of the youth are still unemployed so we are praying for a change in that area.

The ultimate vision for Liberia Now is to see all these good things that are happening in Virginia spread to other communities throughout Liberia. The most important thing I hope to see in the near future of Liberia Now is for our school to be completed. We still need to help improve the educational system in our community and building a model school would make a big difference in the lives of many children.

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