Film Review: Africa Straight Up Documentary


Africa-Straight-UpThe Africa Straight Up documentary begins with this poignant quote from the incomparable TED conference – “The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue but that they are incomplete.” Africa is a continent who over a billion people call home, containing54 unique countries and where about 2000 languages are spoken. Yet this diverse and distinct land had been stereotyped by much of the Western World. It has become known as the “dark continent”, where only disease, famine, war and corruption are regularly reported on.

African Proverb

If someone really wants to begin to explore this mysterious continent though, Africa Straight Up is as good a place as any to begin. Africa Straight Up tells the under-told

story of everything that is right with Africa. It debunks the singular story of Africa as a land of all pain and suffering and nohope. It takes a person on the first step of a journey to truly begin to comprehend this amazingly assorted continent that is full of both joy and pain, love and hate, hope and despair. It is another side of the story of Africa that needs to be heard.

africa_infographic_bigIn the months to come, in this space called Understanding Africa, my desire is to discover more about this heterogeneous continent. I will explore the plethora of quality media, prose and poetry that helps to illuminate the birthplace of humanity and the most exciting continent of the twenty-first century. I hope you will join me on this African adventure.

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