Access to clean water is the key component to the health and sustainability of an impoverished community. It is estimated that currently over 1.5 million Liberians lack access to clean drinking water. Your donation of $3,000 will provide an entire Liberian village with clean water. It includes the construction and ongoing maintenance of the well. A donation between $350-$850 will help to rehab a water-well which was damaged during the war. The amount varies due to the damage the well incurred during the war.

People Served: 14,525  –  Goal: 25,000

Water Wells built or rehabbed: 22  –  Goal: 40

Amount Goal: 48,000 USD

38 fundraisers

All of our student scholarships are provided to Liberian students, paying for their tuition and uniforms while in school. These student scholarships also include student enrichment camps and monthly tutoring sessions.

Students currently Sponsored: 121  –  Goal: 200

Amount Goal Annually: $72,000

Donations can be made on an annual or monthly basis.

Amount: $360 / yr (or $30 /mo.)

121 fundraisers

Our micro-loans provide a Liberian entrepreneur with capital to start, expand, or run a small business. Their business activity in turn generates a sustainable source of income for them and their family.

Loans Distributed: 244  –  Goal: 350

Jobs Created: 263  –  Goal: 350

Amount Goal: $100,000 USD

Note: All loans, upon repayment, are then re-loaned out to additional borrowers.

Amount per loan: Between $240 – $1,000.00 USD

244 fundraisers

For $40 you can sponsor a series of malaria treatments for a Liberian who has been infected with malaria. These treatments are typically reserved for those with a serious strain of malaria.

Lives Impacted: 32 Goal: 100

Goal Amount: $40 for a series of malaria treatments which are used to heal a person from this disease

Amount Goal: $4000


27 fundraisers

Our pastoral and leadership development program currently mentors and trains 40 Liberian pastors and their wives on an bi-annual basis. For $200 you can give a pastor and his wife the opportunity to attend one of our two annual pastoral training conferences. These conferences equip pastors to serve their families, churches, and communities effectively.

Churches Impacted: 40

Amount: $200 for a pastor and his wife to attend this leadership training program

Amount Goal: 16,000 USD Annually

40 fundraisers

Phase 1 building project for the Liberia Now School.

Kids Served when Completed: 140 K-6th Grade Students

Goal Amount for Phase 1: $165,000

We are planning on opening a Kinder – 3rd grade school in 2015-2016 as part of the school building will be complete. If you have any further questions about this school project please don’t hesitate to contact us.


6 fundraisers

This is a new project Liberia Now is launching this month. It entails building twenty-five separate and distinct latrines which should service more than 35,000 people who have no access to proper sanitation facilities. To build one latrine it costs anywhere between $1500 – $2500 which will service an average 1400 people.

People given access to sanitary conditions: 1500  –  Goal: 35,000

Latrines built or rehabbed: 1  –  Goal: 25

Amount Goal: 35,000 USD

1 fundraisers

Liberia Now seeks to be fiscally responsible by operating on a shoe-string budget to accomplish as much as possible for the minimal amount of overhead expenses. In order to maintain excellence in all we do we need support staff on the ground in Liberia and in the U.S. to see these projects become a reality.

8 Liberian Staff and 1.5 U.S. Staff members

Goal Amount: 44,800 USD (annually)

26 fundraisers