How the MDG’s Are Saving Lives & Forever Changing Africa


Millenium-Development-GoalsIn 2006, I first heard of the MDG’s, through its leading evangelist, the one-of-a-kind rock star, Bono. I then went on to read various books and articles about these lofty goals, which were birthed at the beginning of this new millennium. The more I learned, the more passionate I became about these goals, and in many ways, the MDG’s were the impetus for the eventual formation of Liberia Now.

That same year President Bush invited Bono to give the keynote address at the annual Presidential Prayer Breakfast. This prophetic rock star gave the most poignant sermon I had ever heard on the Biblical morality of these goals. He stated, “these goals are the Beatitudes for a globalized world.” As only Bono could do, he poetically put it like this: “God is in the slums, in the cardboard boxes where the poor play house. God is in the silence of a mother who has infected her child with a virus that will end both their lives. God is in the cries of the ruble of war. God is in the debris of wasted opportunities and lives, and God is with us if we are with them.”

Bono-at-TEDIn the seven years since I first heard that sermon, millions of lives have literally been saved because of these eight monumental goals. The desire is by 2015 to see all eight of these goals reached. Many of the goals are well on their way to being fulfilled, while much work still has to be done in the areas of progress-MDGSchild and maternal health. To hear more about the progress of these beautiful goals and specifically how this is affecting Sub-Saharan Africa, be sure to check out the thirteen-minute video below.

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