Liberia Partners


Liberia Now exists to transform entire Liberian communities through projects in education, infrastructure, healthcare, economic development, and spiritual renewal. In order for this mission to become a reality though it takes committed and caring partners.

On the ground in Liberia, we partner with organizations and Liberians who are not only trustworthy, but who are also committed to this cause. For our partners in the U.S and abroad we want to cultivate an atmosphere where a genuine relationship can blossom between the Liberians on the ground and those in the United States who provide these necessary resources.

One way we hope to see this happen is through this Liberia Now Partners page, which will launch sometime in early 2015. In the early part of 2015, everyone who has partnered with us through financial gifts or prayer commitments will receive an email with specific login instructions which will enable that particular partner to view their personalized Liberia Now page. This personalized page will include happenings within the particular project and/or community they have been supporting along with other records that relate to their various commitments.

We are looking forward to in the near future to utilize these partner pages to facilitate communication between our Liberian partners on the ground and our financial and prayer partners in America. If you would like further information about how to become a Liberian Partner please click on our contact page and let us know of your interest. We would love to partner with you in this exciting Liberian adventure.

For those who are already partners with us, please be looking in your inbox for an email in early 2015 which will give you a detailed explanation of how these partner pages will work and how to access them properly. We are incredibly grateful for your partnership and know that they are the life-blood of this organization.