Liberia Rising 2030


liberia-rising-2030For the past few years my wife has worked with a few refugee families from the Middle East who have immigrated to America in search of a better life. It is inspiring to see the hard work, determination and camaraderie of these soon to be new Americans. One can’t help but be moved by these folks who have little in terms of material possessions but lots in terms of the development of their most precious asset – personal character.

There is something so compelling about human struggle and witnessing those who never give up in spite of their current circumstances. Just as these new American immigrants will one day see their children have a better life because of their current sacrifices, today there is also a tiny nation in Africa battling to become a middle-income country.

liberiarising2030Last year, the Liberian government finalized Liberia Rising 2030, which is a detailed plan embedded with regular benchmarks meant to steer Liberia from its current per capita income of $280 to a per capita income of between $1000-$2000 by 2030. This ambition plan is derided by some, ignored by others, but is beginning to be passionately pursued by many who matter.

Liberian-billboardThere is a noteworthy op-ed, by Dr. Musa Dukuly, on the website. Dr. Dukuly analyzes the 2030 plan and what it will take to actually get there. In this piece one learns that Liberia is already on the path toward self-sustainability. The next generation of Liberians will one day join with the next generation of first generation American immigrants in seeing how the struggle of their parents paved the way for the better life they both one day will have.

To read the op-ed piece on the website click  here

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