Living in Liberia during the Ebola outbreak

ebola is real

One of several signs about Ebola you can find while driving through Monrovia

When I first visited Liberia in the summer of 2008, little did i know this war-ravaged country would capture my heart. That next year, I was part of a team that founded an organization called Liberia Now which is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to a nation a need. Ever since then, over the past six years, Liberia has consistently been in my prayers and thoughts.

Fast forward to today. Kelly, the kids and myself have spent the past eleven days in the midst of the worst Ebola outbreak ever, with Liberia being the epicenter of where this deadly disease is seemingly spinning out of control. I never would have dreamed we would have been in the middle of this Ebola mess, but I am thankful that my family is here during these days.

I am thankful because it is giving us a small taste of the kind of fear and uncertainty much of the rest of the world has to deal with on a regular basis. I am thankful because it has caused my own family to go to God with their own fears and then for the peace that surpasses all understanding to become a reality in my own family’s hearts and lives during these dark days. I am thankful because it is helping the entire Tippit crew to place themselves in someone else’s shoes for more than a passing minute and for it to really sink in how hard life really is for most people on planet earth. Don’t get me wrong. I despise this horrific disease and all the heartache and havoc it is causing to too many lives. I loathe the fear and panic that is just beginning to set in here. But in the midst of this unfathomably horrible outbreak, I am thankful for the invaluable sober reminder it has been to both me and my family.

We want those of you to know who pray for us, that we are ok. We genuinely believe that the threat of one of us catching the virus is miniscule. We are being wise by limiting our contact with others and the kids feel completely safe as no one is being gripped by fear. The Liberian government is quarantining many of the Liberia communities where the Ebola virus has had the greatest impact. The community we are living in is not one of those. Also, we are scheduled to leave Liberia saturday night and feel like there is no environment we will be in between now and then which will put our family at any risk.

Corey and the kids leading worship at the kids camp

Corey and the kids leading worship at the Scholarship kids camp.

The recent outbreak of the Ebola virus did change many of our plans for this week though. Unfortunately, we were only able to do a portion of the kids camps we had planned because the Liberian government recently mandated that there be no public meetings in the country for the time being. We also had to switch our flight out of Liberia to another airline as the airline we were scheduled to fly out with has suspended their flights in and out of Liberia. The health clinic which Liberia Now works with has temporarily suspended admitting new patients as health facilities are one of the places where the virus is most likely to spread.

Obviously, if we would have known ahead of time that in the two weeks we were scheduled to minister in Liberia that the Ebola outbreak would begin to spread out of control, we never would have come to Liberia during this time.. But we are here and I am grateful for all the amazing works God has and is doing in each of our lives during these difficult days. Please be in prayer for our dear Liberian friends here who can not just leave the country like we can and escape the threat of Ebola. Pray for their safety and for supernatural peace to guard their hearts and minds. Please pray for the victims and communities where this evil disease has ravaged too many lives.

Also we would covet your prayers for our family’s and the City Church team flights out of Liberia . Pray that we would be able to get out of the country and into the next country we are scheduled to minister in. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your encouragement and prayers!

Dave Tippit, Executive Director of Liberia Now

  • I’m keeping up with you guys every day and reading all the posts to Lane (grandson). We pray for you guys together.

  • Amy McCubbin |

    Dave and Kelly, I am praying for you. What a life changing experience. Can’t wait to follow some more. Dave I’m Jenny’s friend from years ago if you didn’t remember. :)

    • Amy, of course I remember you – always cheerful :) Thanks so much for your prayers! We have a website called Global Goldmines that we will be posting on for the next eleven months or so about our different experiences around the world. Hope all is well with you and your family!

  • Mary Stoelzing |

    Dave, what is the best way for us to keep up with y’all these next months, as far as reading blogs, etc. ? Stoelzings will be praying for your sweet family! Y’all are missed on the soccer fields!

    • Thanks so much Mary! We miss not being out on the soccer fields with all of y’all! I hope this next season is the best one yet for the team! We have a website called Global Goldmines ( where we will be posting about all of our adventures as a family this next year. Many Blessings!

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