Meet George

George and Braden

Braden’s buddy – George

The first thing I noticed about him was his perfect and beautiful smile. Sweet George drove 2 hours, along with several other wonderful people, to pick us up from the airport. He has been with us every minute since that night. George is quick to serve us in any and every way. He’s the one walking us to the car with the umbrella, taking our plate after we eat, ironing our clothes off the clothesline, keeper of the gate where we stay, and most importantly-our live in nanny for Braden. The two of them have become quite the buddies.

One of the best things about being in Liberia this year is living with some of our African friends. It gives us a chance to get to know them better and spend some fun time with them. The other night we taught our subdued friend, George the game of Pit. We got to see him get a bit competitive and be the first to ring the bell and yell, “Corner on the Market.” Right now as I type this he is playing a game of soccer with Dave and the kids on this beautiful rain-free afternoon.

I’m always intrigued to hear the Liberian’s stories. They consistently have a smile on their faces, but most have seen some very hard days or more likely years. Our good friend George is no different.

George is 21 and the eldest of four. Being the only brother he takes on the responsibility to care for his sisters. When he was just eight his dad was taken from him by the rebels as they were fleeing their home during the war. A few days later they found him dead on the side of the road. This began a long hard journey for his entire family. After the war, George and his family lived in a one room house with his aunt and her three kids. This was their home for about 12 years. They have recently moved into a two room home.

George’s mom could barely find money to feed her kids, and many days was unable to. George got use to living life hungry. His dream was to go to school, but in order for this to be possible his mother would have to pay his school fees. She knew this was impossible for her, but she always told George, “God will make a way.” George and his mom prayed every night that God would provide a way for him to go to school.

One day, George went to church and heard Pastor Gyamfi talk about a scholarship program that was coming to their church. George hoped that this would be God’s way of allowing him to go to school. He applied for a Liberian Now scholarship the first year it became available, and was accepted as an 8th grader. He couldn’t wait to tell his mom the great news! God had provided a way, just as they had believed He would.

George and two other 2014 Liberia Now graduates

George and two other 2014 Liberia Now High School Graduates

As of this June, George is a Liberian Now high school graduate. His passion is physics, and his dream is to come to America to get a degree in mining engineering. He knows that Liberia has some mineral rich soil and he would like to come back and help Liberia to become a better nation.

He can’t put into words how much Liberia Now has changed his life and has opened the door to make his dreams come true. I’m thankful for ministries like Liberia Now who make something as basic as an education a possibility for kids who otherwise would grow-up in a world without hope and little room for dreams. I believe it’s determined, smart, hard-working young men and women like George, who are going to help this nation see a brighter tomorrow.    By Kelly Tippit

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  • Loved learning about sweet George! I’m sure his heart was tugged by Jesus to serve by walking you to the car with a umbrella, taking your plates after you ate, ironing your clothes off the clothesline, and being a live in nanny for Braden.

    Have you heard how is doing lately?

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