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Economic Development

Our micro-loan program provides a Liberian entrepreneur with capital to start, expand, or run a small business. Their business activity in turn generates a sustainable source of income for them and their family. This sometimes results in creating more jobs as it allows their business continues to flourish and ultimately grow. The Liberia Now micro-finance program has proven over the years to be a successful investment as it has maintained a 92% repayment rate.

Donors can give any amount towards a micro-loan. Once the full amount for a micro-loan is received then various donor(s) will receive notification that a loan has been distributed partially or fully in their name(s). As the loan is distributed and eventually repaid donors will be kept informed of the details of who and how those funds were used to make a difference in Liberia.

2021 Goal for loans to be distributed : 50

2021 Goal for job creation: between 50 to 65 jobs created

2021 Amount Goal: $25,000 USD

Note: All loans are for a period of 6-12 months, upon repayment of the loan,  then these loans will be re-loaned out to additional borrowers.

Amount per loan: Between $450-$550 USD