Holistic Approach

Liberia Now has adopted a holistic approach to our work. Without addressing the key drivers of development in an integrated way, we can never truly solve the issue of extreme poverty within a community. We have identified five key areas of development, which when addressed in a simultaneous way, offer a sustainable path to transformation for any community.



As many as 37% of Liberians go without food because of the lack of money and unemployment which is one of the primary obstacles to sustainable development. A growth in economic activity through employment increases the velocity of money and creates more abundant capital. A Liberian with a secure and sustainable form of income becomes an engine of transformational change.

(Past & Current Projects – micro-loans, small business training program)


The percentage of primary age students in Liberia attending primary grades, is only 44 percent.  Its adult illiteracy rate stands at 43% and a significant portion of the population is unable to attend secondary school because of high tuition costs. An educated and literate population brings security and sustainable growth for future generations. A Liberian generation of educated children forms the framework upon which transformational change can occur.

(Current/Past Projects – student scholarship program, improvements on Liberia Now’s school, library development program)



Approximately half of Liberia has little or no access to basic healthcare services and medicines. Without access to these basic services, a community will fall apart. A business owner who cannot work because of malaria, or children who cannot attend school because of malnutrition or easily preventable diseases prevent transformational change. A community with an adequate healthcare infrastructure provides the fuel which powers transformational change.

(Current/Past Projects – malaria and typhoid treatments, low-cost community pharmacy program, donation of medical equipment)



It is estimated that 46% of Liberians lack access to clean water and 68% lack proper sanitation facilities. Without these two essential pieces of society, a community is doomed to a continual and unnecessary struggle with endemic disease. A strong infrastructure within a community provides a perpetual momentum pushing forward the engine of transformational change.

(Current/Past Projects – water well construction / repair / rehabilitation, build community latrines)


Spiritual-Development.png.opt321x214o00s321x214In 2004, Liberia emerged from a 14-year civil war, which destroyed the country and the lives of its citizens. In addition to the physical needs of the Liberian community, spiritual and cultural restoration is desperately needed. A country which has lost its hope and its sense of meaning will struggle to survive in a dark world. However, the redemption found through the message of Christ forms the heart and soul of our holistic vision. Through God’s love, a community desperately in need can find forgiveness, healing, and ultimately a brighter future.
(Current/Past Projects – pastoral training program, leadership development program, evangelistic outreach, community restoration outreaches)